Thursday, May 9, 2013

Children and Nature activities at Good Market, Colombo

“Good market” ( is the latest gathering in Colombo started by people who believes in sustainable and healthy living in Sri Lanka. Good Market opens every Thursday (12pm-8pm) at  Water's Edge Park at Battaramulla. This initiative is led by Amanda  Kiessel ( Sri Lankanised American)  from Sewa Lanka foundation has grown into a gathering place for people who live and believe in sustainable life style. ECO-V has been involved in the “Good Market” from its inception but never had time to do any activities due to Paapedi  2013 campaign.
Amanda and Achala two of few who are behind Good Market

View of the entrance to Good Market

Today, ECO-V started awareness and consciousness creation activities among kids in the good market premises due to constant request from the organizers. This has been one of the ECO-V’s dreams to inculcate the habit of admiring the nature in order to protect our mother nature. 

Today we talked about dragon flies, fish, pelicans, crows and ducks which were in the area at that time. We also talked about how animals speak and how we can try to understand them to respect their well being. They were amazed to see an ant nest on a tree. They also enjoyed watching Pelicans using binoculars. When I said good bye to them after an hour they wanted to make sure that I will be back in next week for another session.

Got exited when they saw Pelicans 

Also talked about communication among animals

During the nature walk

using Binoculars
Through these activities we will promote the concept of “your garden is your university”. They will be trained to admire environment around them and to get connected with Nature. But continuation of such activity is always a challenge due to lack of sponsorship. We very much look forward to find out a way of continuing these activities every week.