Saturday, October 17, 2020

Covid-19, Lock Down and Rajesthan India.

After being inside for 7 months without traveling, we just came back from a 4-day trip to Rajasthan. It was a great trip with a 17-hour straight drive from New Delhi to Jaisalmer and spending some time around Thar Desert and understanding the history there. Here are some interesting places we traveled and what we saw. I decided to share those experiences and talk about some issues in a conservationist’s perspective.


This is the Jaisalmer lake in Rajasthan, India.

We had a visit there as it’s in the middle of the city. While others were talking about the beauty of the lake, I was looking at the surrounding trees, birds and then water. I caught a piece of polythene at the edge of the water body. It was moving a bit oddly. So, I had a closer, careful look.

Oopppsss…. automatically I was counting. One...two...three, four five six oooppss….one fell back to water and including that altogether seven frogs...I was surprised, smiling and murmuring of course taking pictures...while others were talking about the lake and its history. I was thinking how these frogs are getting adapted to the pollution and taking advantage of the polythene as a surface to climb up and breath...poor little frogs…. I was thinking while I was coming back.

Next day we had another 45 minutes travel from the city towards the Thar Desert. That was for organised Desert Safari.

When we were planning the Rajasthani trip last week, I was pretty sure I was not going to go on a camel safari. It was my personal ethic that I never want to enjoy sitting on a trained animal back as I know there is some animal cruelty involved in that. But I did not force others not to go. When we went to the place for Camel ride, a Rajasthani man pointed out two camels who just finished a trip and lay down on sand and stretched their legs, saying they were for us. Not having a much break for them it was the turn for our group. All preceded. I was sitting on a local bed. The man in charge was repeatedly inviting me to come while pulling the string coming through the nostrils of the camel. I was watching away as I could not see the pain of that animal.....then I heard a voice behind me saying “we are not coming, you all go”...that was my husband Thushara Ranasinghe . I looked back and saw Nipu (Nipuna Ranasinghe) also standing behind nodding his head saying no. I was not too surprised but a bit anxious to find out what’s the reason behind them for not going….Anyway all others went... we three were deserted in the desert….

People enjoy while animals suffer 

Soon after a ride they try to get a rest but....

While watching on our own shadows in the desert 

I looked at Nipu. He was patting on a cute, innocent doggie who came towards us by limping a few minutes ago. I approached them. “Putha, why didn’t you go on Camelback? With a little pause Nipu replied…. “It's the same reason as amma’s” and he continued petting that unknown dirty looking doggie girl. My heart melted, I walked away with wet eyes...not just because I was feeling sad, I am sure.

I looked at the horizon and it was almost sunset. I was watching the beautiful colours of sunset and thinking...If all kids are having this kind of METTA - Loving kindness and KARUNA - compassion for suffering, this world would have been a better place for humans and animals…..I have a hope..

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