Tuesday, July 6, 2021

When a short holiday became a working holiday…Feeling is “relaxified” (relaxed and satisfied)


Month of April – Experienced the Covid-19, feeling was “facing as it is”

Month of May – recovered and waiting to go to Sri Lanka, but no luck as Sri Lanka closed entry gates for us even as Sri Lankans living in India. Feeling was Disappointed, sad but what to do? as there is nothing we could do!

Month of June – Others celebrating World Environmental day (While I was celebrating throughout the year). Feeling was “oh…well…time to share the work”

All past months were so crazy and not like any other year, the Environmental day celebrations were overwhelming!! Invitations for conducting sessions via zoom, Teams or Google. Most were accepted but few were refused as they were overlapping with other sessions.

So, it was a high time for a holiday. Still could not go for long holidays due to pending work.

Anyway, we decided to go just out of Delhi and spend two nights. Without thinking much, we decided to go and stay at Karma Lakelands; (https://www.karmalakelands.com/) a place that we always wanted to experience. The place belongs to one of our good friends who is very much eco conscious.  

When we arrived there, we were so happy about not choosing a hotel room to go and stay as we really enjoyed the setup of our villa. I started enjoying the Nature, riding bikes with my son Nipuna and watching birds and ants, walking, enjoying wildflowers and night sky which we can’t do in the city) and of course reading a book while Thushara was busy with meetings online until late night.

Next day morning my friend Diki texted me and asked whether I can run a Nature walk to their staff. This was an agreement between us at the time I told her we were coming to stay in their resort. So I was not surprised by the invitation.

Since it is like an oven during day time with 42 degrees Celsius these days, we agreed to run it at 5.30pm.  Diki came to pick me up from our villa. Bunch of youth with nice smiles were already there. You know all were wearing masks as it’s mandatory nowadays. So how could one know that they had nice smiles? Of course, I could not see the smile but I saw their smiling eyes!!

Then some parents and kids who are residents within the property arrived, I thought that’s all! Surprisingly so many of their staff members kept on arriving. It was a big group but I was so happy as it’s one of the most divers groups I have ever met to run a Nature walk to connect with Nature. Unfortunately, two sensory organs were blocked by the mask but all took a chance to lower the mask and smell and taste when it was the time to connect via nose and tongue.  

Karma Lakelands is full of biodiversity and we only could walk about 50-60m and already one hour and thirty minutes was passed. Since it was getting dark by that time, we decided to finish the walk.

It was very interesting crowd who got actively involved with the walk, connecting with Nature using five sensory organs by following my instructions. Next day morning too I had a meeting with Ashwani Khurana founder of karma Lakelands and some invitees to share some ideas for eco resort that they were developing these days. I was happy to give some suggestions there too. It was just before we left Karma Lakelands.

So, this is how my relaxing holiday became a working holiday but the feeling was very satisfied – so the final outcome was “Relaxified”  

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