Thursday, March 21, 2024

 After 7 years, ECO-V office is filled with staff again. It is very satisfying to see hard working youngsters with full of energies, ideas, laughs and some times silence while thinking. We recruited two more staff members for three months to work towards a training programm. Nadun and Tharuka are the two young graduates we selected for planning the training for 15 youth in Sri Lanka. They will work with Pasini our Metta Garden Coordinator and Awantha who is assisting Pasini for the Garden work. We badly wanted to run a another Yathra but the time is not suitable for such big campaign. Therefore, we decided to run a 5 day residential training programmme. We all are exited about it! 

Nadun, Tharuka, Pasini and Kanchana
Nadun. Tharuka, Pasini and Kanchana

Nadun, Tharuka, Awantha, Pasini and Kanchana

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