Friday, June 14, 2019

Edible Routes Foundation (ERF), New Delhi India.

It’s June 2019. Already 6 months are gone in 2019. I can’t believe that I have not written a blog for last 6 months. It’s terrible guilty feeling I get as I know there are friends who are not connected via face book so not have got any updated about ECO-V or what’s happening around my personal life. The blame should go towards face book. I usually write every week on face book and post an update about my activities. I know it’s not a good excuse not to write a blog. Or well now it’s happened so can’t help. So I will try my best to write few blogs and update all our friends, supporters and well-wishers who were with us right from beginning. Well its 18th year of ECO-V.

Last time I wrote about introducing Nature kids to Delhi. When I wrote that blog,  Edible Routes Foundation (ERF) was very new. Then we launched ERF officially on the 17th of February. 


So Edible Routes Foundation is the social wing of the company called, Edible Routes who are into organic farming. I got to know Kapil Mandawewala, the founder of Edible Routes in January 2017 soon after I started living in Delhi. With that connection Kapil invited me to initiate a foundation connected to ER as it was a dream of many team members of his company. I agreed and accepted the invitation and we all got together to form the foundation. 

The first meeting we had as a brain storming session in 2018 for establishing ERF

After doing all initial work for ERF, we had many meetings to build it up. 

So now we are 6 months old organization, fully functioning in Delhi and some other parts of India. We are a team of 7 and officially registered NGO. As the president of ERF, I am trying to link ERF with International organisations and programmes. I had an official tour in Melbourne, Australia in the month of April with the support of Journeys for climate Justice ( During that tour I officially introduced ERF as Indian partner of JCJ. Now we have few projects running in India and we will be getting ready for a Yathra (a journey) very soon with collaboration of JCJ.
conducting waste management workshop representing ERF

Introducing ecobricks to Shri ram school in Vasanth Vihar, New Delhi. 
Well, I am happy in Delhi as I have an organisation to work with specially to introduce them new programmes, help to develop the foundation and of course I have my freedom to do the work I love and I used to do in Sri Lanka. Just because of that even though I miss Sri Lanka, I am enjoying the work in New Delhi. No matter where you are you can serve Mother Earth! 

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