Wednesday, July 31, 2019

ECO-V in Good Market

Good Market, Sri Lanka is a great platform which supports new entrepreneurs who have sustainable and environmentally friendly products and service, for the public. Since 2013, ECO-V is working with Good Market as an educational partner  as it is a place where enhance eco-friendly attitudes among the public.    In addition to creating awareness, we are promoting natural alternatives for single used plastic, polythene and also for unhealthy artificial products. Some of our activities at Good Market on Saturdays in the year 2019 as follows.  

ECO-V introduced Ecobricks to Sri Lankan consumers in 2013. The co-founder of Ecobricks ( Russell Maier personally visited ECO-V and introduced the ecobrick concept which was an ideal solution which we were searching for. Ecobricking is a great initiative that managing our polythenes which cannot be recycled. So we started promoting making Ecobricks on every Saturday using awareness boards with images and Ecobricks creations which can be demonstrated (ex: Ecobricks stool) as these polythene wrappers which cannot be recycled are huge environmental destruction. In addition to this, we are collecting your ecobricks so you can donate your homemade Ecobricks to us. Then we will use them in making some structures like benches, stools, or walls. We spread this knowledge through the 10 R concept which supports to manage your unconscious consumption. 

Sitting on the Ecobricks stool 

Learning about innocent animals who are dying due to polythene consumption

Eco bricks for ECO-V from a little hand 
In the Good Market ECO-V stall, the other special event is the “Nature Kids” program. Through this amazing initiative, we are trying to make environmentally sensitive little kids who can feel the nature by their heart. We teach scientific information through a very simple method – “learning Nature using your five sensory organs” This way kids learn more interestingly. 

Kids and adults love butterflies. Hence we teach them about butterflies who are in our Eco garden. They very much prefer to learn about breeding and feeding plants of butterflies, the life cycle of them and also about the behaviors of them. Also, they can buy host plants for butterflies from us and we are happy to guide and give consultations to make butterfly gardens in their home garden. 

Kankumbala plants which are loved by Crimson Rose  
Usually, we change our main awareness topic according to the cultural festivals in Sri Lanka. So we did New year awareness like this in last April. 

We created awareness about the types of artificial packeted food which you gift when you visit your relatives in the New year season. Also pointed out carcinogenic additives in them, how to reduce polythenes which come to your home in the festival season, what are the alternatives and the way of celebrating festivals without harming innocent animal lives are some hints we gave to the public to make their festival more meaningful way.  

Through Good Market, we are providing volunteer opportunities for you. You can support to conduct awareness campaigns there. This school environmental pioneer team joined us to create awareness on “unhealthy impacts of fizzy drinks and alternative natural herbal drinks”. First of all, they visited the ECO-V office and learned well about all the factors of the proposed awareness campaign. 

Learning about E numbers which have been mentioned in food wrappers 
Awareness materials made by them

The awareness campaign 

“Hibiscus” and “Blue butterfly pea” drinks made as display items

Some consumers, tasting natural drinks 
This is the year that talks about “Indoor Air Pollution”. ECO-V president Mrs. Kanchana Weerakoon did a fruitful awareness campaign about indoor air pollution aspects, way to reduce it and introduced indoor air purifying plants. 

Indoor Air purifying plants.
You also can visit the ECO-V stall at Good Market premises every Saturday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and gain knowledge on best practices of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Also, you can get engaged with us to volunteer to make more green thinking society.

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