Friday, January 10, 2020

Year 2020 a decade of uncertainties in the world but expectations for positive change !!

Well, there are no two words that we all are facing the negative impacts of Climate Change, all are suffering either with floods, droughts or bush fires and from many more natural disasters. This suffering is either truly and physically experiencing by them or just seeing and feeling the pain of other who are actually facing the impacts. However, my New Year wish was that I should speed up spreading the words, actions and solution which I have been practicing for last 20 years as an active environmentalist, Nature lover and a wife and a Mother with Green thinking (I am quite proud about how I lead myself and my family for last 20 years with minimum weight on Mother Earth).

So I determined to write more and share, publish a book at the end of year and become a speaker for public to speed up actions for positive change. Honestly speaking about , this was not what I wanted to do. But people whoever knew me, come to my programmes or sessions I ran on invitation and follow my programmes were always asking “why don’t you write what you say and publish because then you can reach more people”. So I thought hmmm….may be that would be another strategy. Anyway now I am living in Delhi and having some spare time of course getting old day by day and prefer to be at one place rather than running here and there (wow…..I will be 50 by November) and not as active as at my thirties….  
Wow...I saw this at a Buddhist temple in Vietnam last month and I was trying to think where I am. I think I am between 10-11th position now  

Writing would be a good thing to use my time wisely. Well….let’s try…I am going to use this existing blog we have been maintaining for last many years and anyway ECO-V is going to be 19 years by this February and spreading our positive words via the blog would be more useful as an organization.
ECO-V as an organisation getting old and mature with new branches (more net working) and leaves (new members). Photo taken at Lodhi Garden New Delhi  

Ok my dear friends, supporters and well wishes of me and ECO-V, I wish you all a very Happy New year and a decade ahead! May your positive dreams become true and may you all get more positive energy to have more and more positive changes for the world!! Let’s paddle together through this life journey with ups and downs with active hope!!  

Sun Flower from our Metta Garden, Sri Lanka...always bright and positive with loads of positive energies! 

Right now I feel like this little yellow flower (tiny yet bright and positive) with loads of negative happenings in the world (represented by brown leaves)  Picture was taken in Melbourne in April 2019 

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