Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Eco friendly Gift tags, Greeting cards are back after 11 years!!!

Making eco friendly Greeting cards, book marks, and gift tags as fund raising items was one of main activities at the time we started ECO-V in 2001. I very much enjoyed this and tried training youngsters on this but no body was interested. It was my main activity after working hours, till 1 am -2am after putting Boo and Nipu into sleep by 7pm. Then the next morning these cards and bags were on the table displayed as in a exhibition when ECO-V team reported to work at our home based office. We used to sell these among our friends in UK, USA and Sri Lanka. Christmas and New Year season was our best hit as we raised good money by selling them. We made two libraries and helped to have a roof in one Pre-school in Padaviya area using the money we raised by selling greeting cards and eco friendly tote bags. Later on, I became very busy and did not have time to make any but all material were safely kept thinking one day I can use them. Now ECO-V do not have any external donors and we try to raise money through various income generating programmes and via consultancies. So time has come!!! Living in India and having more time, why not enjoy my hobby??? Yes it was so fun!!! 😍😍

The main target is raising funds for our Eco garden and Metta Garden. The gardens are the most sacred places for me personally and ECO-V. While pasting petals and leaves patiently, cutting the paper minimizing the waste, even reusing off cuts of Bees Wax paper, I was thinking very much about all living beings who are occupying our gardens in Boralesgamuwa in Sri Lanka, Also I was giving my loving kindness to all other living beings who do not have safe places to live specially with the the urbanization while making them today after 11 years. I was so happy to go through each petal, leaf I pressed and preserved over 15 years and kept inside a book along with hand made paper off cuts given to me by @Chakra hand made paper company in Sri Lanka. Thank you Sustainablee in Sri Lanka who already agreed to buy them from me. If my dear friends in UK and USA or anybody who would love to help our butterflies, Bees, earth worms, ants and dragon flies along with their plants please promote them the way you used to do. I know Australian friends won't be able to buy them due to custom regulations for natural materials.

The gardens were established in 2013 and 2015 ....
 Eco garden in 2013 

Eco Garden Today

Metta Garden today 
 These places are full of below shown living beings.... last note....I have to admit that I am old now... Today, I had to use my glasses to see all tiny details of those petals which I didn't use 11 years before πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ well, that's life and my two boys who slept since 7pm those days enabling me to to make those cards are going to bed after midnight now but I am too tired to work till that late.....

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