Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Youth Yathra –Green leaders to combat Climate Change

What is Youth Yathra 2016?
Youth Yathra 2016 is a programmewhich focuses on “Creating Green Youth Leaders” who will be change makers in action against climate change. This is a programme initiated by Eco Friendly Volunteers(ECO-V)under a grant received from American Embassy Sri Lanka. A 10 month training session each in Jaffna, Kandy, Matara districts were conducted as the first stage of the project.ECO-V invited more than over 120 youth (Yathrees)with the support of American Corners at each district and conducted  a series of workshops for giving them the relevant knowledge and information about their environment and how to protect it by combatting Climate change during the 10 months. The themes discussed in the sessions focused on healthy food, conscious consumerism, organic farming, connecting with nature, effective communication and its relationship with climate change. These trained youthYathrees are expected to be the Green Leaders as well as messengers for their localities in the future leading the climate actions. This will be launched as a “YATHRA” in the final stage.

Why Youth Yathra?
Now the programme has come to its final stage and the Yathrees in three districts are ready to pass the information to the general public as YATHRAS. Trained youth are ready to conduct 3 Yathres in Jaffna, Matara and Kandy starting from August. The first Yathra is YalrYathra which will take place in Jaffna on 5th and 6th of August 2016. As a condition of the programme there was no financial allocation for public campaigning for two reasons. One is that the Yathrees should learn to raise funds locally and second is to encourage the public - private partnership in combatting climate change and protecting Nature. It was expected that this project to  be a great opportunity for all the people who are interested in protecting Mother Nature to partner to serve and protect her.
Yarl Yathra 2016

The YarlYathra is the first Youth Yathra organized by the trained youth in Jaffna under Youth Yartha 2016.

How do we do Yarl Yathra?

YarlYathra is a 2 day environmental campaign planned in Jaffna city. All the youth who were trained during past 10 months within Jaffna will be joining with 25 youth from Southern Sri Lanka. These Southern Sri Lankan youth will be either past Yathreesof ECO-V or under current youth Yathraprogramme in Kandy and Matara.It will be held on 05thand 06thof August 2016. All the youth will meet in Jaffna on the 5th afternoon and will join for a street cleaning campaign. This will be a learning experience rather than a cleaning campaign for them to understand human impact on Mother Nature. All youth from South and North will take part in this event. There will be a gathering in the evening at American corner in Jaffna to share all their experiences.
The next day (6th August) will be started with preparing breakfast in Jaffna style and through this event all youth will exchange the healthy food culture, practices and synergies while they make their breakfast. Then the team will be walking around Jaffna city in creating awareness on protecting Mother Nature and will return for a public exhibition organized at American corner, Jaffna. The theme of the Exhibition is “Combat Climate change as Green Leaders”. This exhibition is open for public. The day two will be over with as award ceremony for YarlYathrees. Official invitees for these events will be representatives from US Embassy Sri Lanka.

Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO-V)
ECO-V ( is an Environmental Organization working in Sri Lanka for last 15 years. We are a team specialized in scientific research on Animals and plants and conducting training on environmental conservation related topics. We have been working in Sri Lanka for last 15 years under the topics of climate change, Green leadership, Solid waste Management, Eco friendly Lifestyle, food safety, conscious consumerism and Bio diversity conservation.  We conducted research on Spot winged Thrush, Purple faced leaf langur, Eurasian Otters and Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. The Yathra as a new method of training Green leaders to combat Climate Change was introduced by ECO-V in 2011 with the partnership of Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) in Australia which is a partner organization of ECO-V. We have conducted 3 Yathres since 2001 namely, KelaniNadeeYathra( 2011 - Papedi( 2013 - and KolombaYathra (2015 All the projects are mentioned in our blog site.

Project funded by American Embassy of Sri Lanka

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Leaders Vs. Green there a difference....??? 

The year 2016 started with new hopes. We all at ECO-V knew that its the 15th Anniversary of ECO-V. We do not have any special plans to celebrate 15th anniversary. But we knew its going to be a very busy year with a project that we all were waiting for and also had very positive hopes in getting another grant for a long term commitment. So today I am writing this blog with a satisfaction for achieving both goals (up to certain level) those we had at the beginning of the year. 

The "Youth Yathra 2016" is the project we started in 2015 with the financial support of American Center Sri Lanka. It was very nice way of getting a grant as they supported us just because of our track records in doing something innovative and productive. Thanks to our previous Yathras  (Special thank to Journeys for Climate Justice ( we had so we maintained good records. 

This time the aim was conducting 3 yathras (journeys) in 3 districts - Jaffna, Kandy and Matara. The idea was training "Green" leaders in 3 different districts of Sri Lanka and bridge them to make a bigger impact to combat Climate Change issues. I still don't know whether we will achieve it 100% or not. Will see by December this you all have to wait till then.

As a trainer, facilitator, I read a lot. My passion in creating Green Leaders has become my life now. Its really amazing to live on it and practice it. The commitment to practice Green lifestyle is not very easy under the normal/ordinary social structures. When supplies are not enough to fulfill my demands to live on this subject such as organic food is expensive and not available everywhere..., food wrappers are not eco friendly..., energy I am getting from National Grid is not clean...,etc. But at least much more you can do on your own such as saying NO to unwanted wrappers even they are eco friendly, say no to plastic and polythene, drink water but not fizzy drinks, try to eat all natural food rather than processed and unhealthy food, buy local, travel by public transport or walk and cycle, grow what ever you can, plant more goodness the list is getting longer.....So becoming a Green practitioner is not that difficult. Only thing is you need to have urge. 

But then transferring that change into the society is challenging...because not all are thinking in the same line as we think about "Great Turning" 

Anyway Creating Green Leader through Yathras is our small effort in making a bigger impact. We started with Jaffna (the area that I was dreaming to start working soon after the war ended). Finding people for environmental related training (even though its free) was challenging and still we have only 25 people though the target is 40. Most of they say, what is the use of learning about it? Can we get a job? No time....hmmm...what can I say...But the people who joined with us experience the importance of the training. That's enough at the moment. 
usual indoor class room sessions

During 4 months of training sessions, I saw Jaffna participants changing....very slowly...towards positive thinking, team building, more importantly changing their thinking more green and heart felt feeling for Mother Nature. It was not easy to conduct the sessions in Jaffna, my thinking in Sinhala, speaking in English, then translating it to Tamil by a friend from Jaffna were all key practical challenges for effective communication. All initial sessions were held indoors which I hate. But we had to do that as we were using American corner facilities to teach them. 
The best class room....on Mother Nature
Can we work as a team?
Problem a team...its fun...
Think about Mother crative

Trying to protect an ant nest which is among grass....

Newton taking leadership...he is the only previously trained Yathree from North...

At last we found the best place for teaching...Out doors!!!! Wow....I realized the magic...magic of Mother Nature... it was much easier to convey my message of the big difference between a Leader and a Green leader....Indeed its different..Green leader must have all leadership qualities but most importantly the main quality is the "heart felt connection with Mother Nature"...of course that was not just a sentence...its a whole theory. So we managed to introduce the theory to the  participants from the capital of North of Sri Lanka! Let's see how we can start putting it to practicals....
The best shot of the day...they all are one team now and ready for tomorrow....

Wow....this is May...5 months were gone from year 2016. I just realized it was too bad as I could not write a single blog for this year. In fact there are about 4 blogs waiting in my email inbox written by various volunteers. Some are Chinese and some are locals. I never had a time to post them. So I must find some time to post them eventually. Anyway I decided to post Chamali's blog that she wrote very recently. She is very new to ECO-V and the coordinator of our new project "Conscious Consumerism towards sustainable life style and combating climate change" She joined with ECO-V from March 2016 - Kanchana

Chamali writes....

I am Chamali recently joined with ECO-V team as the coordinator to a new project named conscious consumerism towards sustainable life style. When I first came for the interview,  I thought this is the right place for me, because I am a nature lover and I want to work with Mother Nature since I passed out from the University.  So I am grateful to Ms. Kanchana for giving me this opportunity. The project that I have to coordinate is funded by Diakonia, a Swedish organization working in Sri Lanka. The awareness on consumer issues among Sri Lankan consumers is very limited. So this project mainly focused on sensitizing 5 main stakeholder groups (Youth, children, Women, Teachers and Farmers) at Kandy, Jaffna, Colombo and Galle districts on food safety and sustainable life style to combat Climate Change. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It is the last day of 2015. Wow.. 2015 has gone very fast but we are very happy at ECO-V as we managed to do so much of work. New developments, new partners, new projects….and many more experiences and achievements.

It’s 2.10 am of 31st December now and I decided to write this blog. Personally for me the year 2015 was started in Bangladesh. I was with BGreen project in Dhaka as a representative of Journeys for Climate justice (JCJ in January this year. It was very nice to meet many youth who were trying to combat Climate Change by empowering youth Green leaders. Soon after Bangladesh I had to go to Chennai, India to meet very inspiring group of people who were at “Un-conference”.  That was my second experience of unconference after Boston in 2012. My first experience of an unconference was  as an Eisenhower fellow which I really liked the idea of having “space” for many people rather than limited people presenting their work at a usual conference. Chennai Unconference was named as Diversion and U-turns and it was a real eye opener for me to understand what we are trying to do with ECO-V. It was the write language for our work. Learning, discussing and understanding about un-learning, un-schooling and Eco-versity was very inspiring and helped me to define ECO-V work better than before. Thanks to Manish Jain, co founder of Swaraj University in Rajasthan, India  ( and Nat ( and many others for sharing their stories of unique work in making change.
Some of the participants at Unconference at Chennai

Unconference participants
ECO-V is indeed is on its way towards so called Eco-versity education system with unconditional passion, love and care for Mother Nature.  It is high time for us to announce widely what we are trying to achieve through our work of practicing Deep Ecology, Permaculture, traditional knowledge and practices.  

Another eye opening event for me personally was Fukushima exposure visit. Thanks to ICE network (Interreligious Climate and ecology Network -

I got the opportunity to be part of the small team who made this exposure visit to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant in April.  It was heart breaking yet made me understand how much damage could be done by man- made disasters. It was funny to say it’s a “man made” disaster as the main reason was a Tsunami hit on March 11th 2011 ( ) But the devastation still happening is not just the Tsunami. It was all about Nuclear power and people trying to get rid of radiation.  
Haunted villages in Fukushima

High radiation level even after 4 years

After the exposure visit in Fukushima we had the opportunity to see and learn about Eco temples in Japan who are trying to make a positive impact. It was a better ending in Japan with more positive learning and we all headed to South Korea for the 2nd International conference of ICE Network. Again we had the opportunity to have another exposure visit to Nuclear power plant in South Korea where people are fighting to close it down.  Will they be successful??? Nobody knows?  ICE conference was all about many like-minded people who are trying to make a positive impact to protect Mother Nature through religious practices or rather with spirituality.

Meeting Yeb Sano ( was another great memory I had from South Korea. I would define Yeb who has “power of 1” (the book written by Sharif Abdulah) who is making a change with individual commitment and courage. He was the key note speaker and was really touched when he said that he was going to walk 1000km to Paris at the end of the year. (By now we all are very happy as he did it).

Participating at Rome convergence was my 4th International tour in 2015. “Una terra Una familia” – A world a family,  was the theme of Rome convergence organized by “Green Faith” and “Our voices”. I was so happy to be part of that huge family of spirituality with deferent faith and religious backgrounds Meeting my fellow Buddhists from USA, Vietnam, Nepal, India, South Korea, UK, Japan and some other countries and sharing wisdom with them was so inspiring. We all discussed and communicated one clear message, no matter which faith or spirituality you are into. It was “combatting Climate Change!!!!

Isn’t is fascinating?.

Meeting Yes Sano for the second time in Rome, taking part in the peaceful march while taking a message to Pope Francis and seeing him at St Peter’s Square, participating at mini pilgrimage around city of Rome wih Yeb Sano was highlights of the Roe visit.
With Yeb sano in Rome

At St Peter's square

As a result of Rome convergence, we managed to run our 3rd journey in Sri Lanka in September. It was the “Kolamba Yathra 2015” ( was an interfaith journey for sustainability. This was the Sri Lankan journey to Yes Sano’s People’s pilgrimage took place from Rome to Paris in November ( This was also aimed at initiating a conversation among different faith back grounds within Sri Lanka towards combatting Climate Change. Dr. Stephen Bygrave the CEO of Beyond Zero Emission (web) visited us to join with our 3rd Journey which was targeted at  sustainability. Thanks to JCJ for organizing his visit to Sri Lanka and it added great value to Kolamba Yathra. Also this helped us to work jointly with Federation of Environmental Organizations, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Business and Biodiversity forum.
Kolamba Yathra 2015

Some of youth during journey

Contributing towards translating the Buddhist statement on Climate Change, sharing  the video report of Kolamab Yathra for Paris Convergence, were some of our contributions for Global movement towards combatting climate change. UNDP Sri Lanka was highlighted ECO-V‘s contribution towards Environmental conservation through volunteerism on their 60th anniversary. We were one of the partners of celebrating International Volunteer Day of UNV Sri Lanka where we initiated and announced our support towards Sustainable Development goals.

Oh…well…there are many more events which are coming into my mind that we conducted within 2015. Our contribution towards creating awareness on Consumer issues, spreading awareness on  Climate change and ecology at Good Market on every Saturday, Developing Eco Garden and getting the Organic certification for its products and slowly developing it as a Eco education center, Initiation scientific research on Eurasian Otters (Lutra lutra) in Sri Lanka with the support of Wild Otter India and Conservation Leadership Programme (web) were some of other achievements. Oh…I almost forgot…winning the awards for Environmental Impact” at Annual award ceremony of Good Market was a great appreciation we got for our commitment and passion in serving Mother Nature.
During field research of Otters in Sri Lanka

ECO-V has a new office in Colombo. Thanks to Good Market team for sharing their small but beautiful working space with us. We look forward to expand our services through our second station in Colombo city. We have a bigger programme ongoing and give us more hopes for 2016. That is Youth Yathra 2016 which is “Creating Green Leaders for sustainability and combatting Climate Change”. Thanks to US Embassy and American corner Kandy for providing us financial assistance for this programme where we are expanding our services to Jaffna for the first time in ECOV history, also to Matara and Kandy.  

Well…I am not going to say “thank you for anybody particularly as there are hundreds of names, organizations coming into my mind who helped us throughout our journey in 2015 but as I always say.. ”Thank you Mother Nature” who is giving us space to work, air to breath, food to eat and water to drink and many more services. ECO-V is always there to do our little help to give you a better life!.
Happy Butterflies at Eco Garden

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sumunduni Seneviratne the new ECO-V family member reports!!!!

05/11/2015 - The day I met with ECO-V team in Kandy

It’s all about change; even we want it, its bit of hard work, so obliviously heart says why you should take trouble? Ii is better to stay as it is and why you are taking a risk? Then I say to me… “Oh my heart stop being lazy It’s a huge world let me feel living”. I want to be part of Nature and to explore it more and find new knowledge. I’m going to say goodbye to this system, which is corrupting my inner peace.


Relationships, even we divide them strong or weak, temporary or everlasting, I think there are no such things. We meet people as it is decided, so every one play their own role in life and some time the way they live affect on us but after all we depart. So It’s my leaving from here – my first job since 2014 after my graduation and feeling very happy to know that I was playing a very important role with them.  


Preparation to leave home and getting ready to establish…. It is going to be busy 48 hours in travelling and settling down. Finding my own place on earth need much more sacrifice. Missing bellowed family again living alone is ok…even I’m going to try it at my best...

Started working with ECO-V family….This month at a new place with new duties. Started learning about Eurasian Otters.  I knew them but very little… Thanks to Hanna and Atul from Wild Otters India who gave us this training. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful insight to these little mystery creatures.
Otter team members off to field
During indoor training sessions for Otter Conservation

Second day was full of learning about Non Violent Communication (NVC) session by Shammi Nanda from India and Ramanusha from Sri Lanka. This made me easy on communication methods towards more effective communication when we do public programmes.   
Me, Gishani, Ramanusha, Tharindu and Shammi Nanda during NVC training

Me and Tharindu at a NVC conversation...Ramanusha watching us
So now my own programme at ECO-V is “Youth Yathra 2016 - Empowering Green Leaders for combating Climate Change”,  need more and more work, ok… hard work begins...But I look forward to that…

Ok then goodbye November 2015…Thank you November as it was a change making month in my life!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kolamba yathra

I know its not fair to have such a long silence. Since we became active in face book ( I rarely had time to write a blog. So today I am posting about our new yathra - Kolamba yathra 2015.
The logo designed by Dulshan who is our IT volunteer since 2003

The Kolamba Yathra for Climate Change is the 3rd Yathra of Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO-V). Previously, ECO-V has conducted two other Climate Yathras: the KelaniNadee Yathra - a river journey for climate justice (2011), and Paapedi, a bicycle journey for climate justice (2013). The Kolamba Yathra takes place on 19th September 2015, with support from Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) Australia, Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO), the Good Market, Foundation of Goodness and IUCN Sri Lanka.
The Kolamba Yathra: An Interfaith Journey for Sustainability is a one-day program with at least 100 youth of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds walking around the city of Colombo-- the commercial capital of Sri Lanka-- to create awareness on Climate Change.
The youth who are taking part in Yathras gain exposure to ‘green activities,’ serving as a gateway to personal and community behavioral change, while establishing groundwork and support for them to become ‘Green Youth Leaders.’ After participating in the Yathra, these engaged youthwill have an opportunity to conduct their own ‘green project’to combat climate changewithin their own communities, through the facilitation and support of ECO-V.
1.      The main objective of this Yathra is to raise awareness of climate change issues across the Colombo public, to engage religious and political leadership on climate change action, and most particularly to engage youth in modeling and action for eco-friendly, sustainable methods, climate change education and adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity restoration and conservation efforts.
2.      It is intended to support the global event, the “People’s Pilgrimage” which is gathering a global ‘critical mass’ of grassroots and spiritual leaders in an interlinked global ‘climate Yathra’ or pilgrimage, collecting climate stories, and gathering local voices and messaging to bring to the global leaders at the pinnacle inter-governmental climate talks, COP 21, in Paris this November and December2015. This is undertaken in concert with the Pan-Asian ICE Network, the African ‘We Have Faith’ climate caravan, and the Our Voices platform.

Methods and Strategies
ECO-V calls for youth participation through social media, print and electronic media and through various other environmental networks and their platforms.  100 youth at minimum, representing Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims, are expected to participate. All Yathrees (the youth who will walk in the Yathra) will visit a selected religious institute from above the mentioned religions during the Yathra day along a pre-planned route. They will discuss respective practices and perspectives (including their own) on climate change and sustainability.
Once the 100 youth Yathrees are selected, all will be briefed regarding the Kolamba Yathra route within Colombo city, along with the education and awareness-raising activities planned for the general public. From start to finish, the entire event will be environmentally friendly, and all youth will be trained on such eco-friendly organizing and eco-friendly lifestyles in general. Youth volunteers will make props, banners and other material for raising awareness before the date and will be thoroughly prepared for the event.
The Kolamba Yathra starts off at 9am on 19th September from the Good Market Racecourse, and loops back around to the Good Market by 2pm. Participants will then prepare for a 4 pm public event open to all, featuring Dr. Stephen Bygrave, the CEO of the Australian Beyond Zero Emissions, several Sri Lankan governmental ministers, a diverse representation of Sri Lankan faith leaders, and children of the Colombo community. This public event will take place by the car park of the Colombo Racecourse where the Good Market open-air event is held.
We invite the Sri Lankan corporate sector, NGOs and INGOs, government and inter-governmental agencies to join with us in these collaborative efforts, through contributions of funds, in-kind donations, time,and energy and in-person participation in this Climate Yathra journey.  Climate change brings with it an urgent call to action, and we need everyone, from all walks of life, to come and join together in solidarity for climate justice.  Through education, outreach and action, we can strive to care for and protect all beings on this beautiful blue planet.

Expected and Planned Outcomes
1.      The walk (Yathra) will raise public awareness on climate change issues.
2.      Messaging will be broadcast Island-wide and globally through media.
3.      Enlisted social media will help to spread the message more broadly.
4.      A large photograph of the Kolamba Yathra participants, youth leaders, faith leaders, special guests and children of Colombo will be taken. This photo will include sign boards with key messages from Sri Lanka, to be taken at this occasion, to support and contribute towards Pan-Asian messaging at the COP 21 Climate Talks in Paris. 
5.      Youth who participate in the Yathra will learn more about Climate Change, and (inter-) faith-based actions towards sustainability and ecologicallyfriendly initiatives.
6.      Youth will work further with faith-based groups to strengthen and enhance their sustainability initiatives such as building eco-friendly religious institutions as a part of a community youth initiative (within 2 years).
7.      A video report and written report will communicate the Sri Lankan experience, concerns and messages regarding climate change, to be shared nationally, regionally and across global platforms.

Organizers and Partners
1.       Eco friendly Volunteers (ECO-V)
2.       Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) Australia
3.       Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO)
4.       Good Market, Sri Lanka
5.       IUCN Sri
6.       Sarvodaya Movement
7.       Foundation of Goodness
8.       Center for environmental Justice
9.       Global Eco-Village Network, Sri Lanka
10.    Undertaken with peripheral support and engagement from the ICE Network

11.    People’s Pilgrimage and Our Voices We Have Faith -or-, and The Green Faith Network:

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hmmmm..its time to write a blog perhaps just to pass the time. Also wise-use of the time I am spending inside airplane. I am at Kolkata airport Bangladesh, actually not even inside airport but sitting inside the plan for last 2 hours. I am not supposed to be here by now and should be having my lunch with my friend in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Wow….I started my journey today morning at 5am from Colombo after saying good bye to my family and wanted to reach Dhaka after 2hrs and 5o minutes. Got into Mihin Lanka and it is my first time experience with our own airline (other than Sri Lankan airline we have).  Exactly after 2 hrs and 40 minutes the pilot announced that due to the poor visibility at Dhaka we were diverting to Kolkata, India. So…still waiting and not sure whether the situation will get improved or not????

The best part of this journey is I am going to address a youth conference on Climate Change, organized by BGreen Movement( and  our partner organization in Bangladesh. Isn’t it interesting??? Going to address a climate change conference and stuck at a different airport due to unexpected weather condition!!!!

This is end of year 2014 and if I manage to attend the conference I will be back to Sri Lanka by next year. (5th January 2015). I feel bad about not writing a blog for last 9  months. I blame on Face book. Since ECO-V become very active in face book I became lazy in writing long articles on our activities. Too bad!!! I know it’s not the excuse to stop writing blogs as it’s our duty to keep updated about our friends who are not friends on face book. So since I am stuck at airport and not knowing what will happen next, I thought this is the best time to look back to history…actually history of last 10 months.

ECO-V has been moving into conscious consumerism field more faster than we thought. It was just as I got initial training from Consumer Association in Penang, Malaysia in 2013 and became the president of Consumer Voice of Sri Lanka; the group was started by 21 participants from Sri Lanka. As I believe, Nature conservation is depending on consumerism of all resources on this Mother Earth. Unless we consume them with consciousness all the resources will be vanished so fast. So I thought it’s a good way to talk about nature conservation for normal consumer. That approach was a great success! I was invited to many platforms to deliver presentations and some of these platforms were not even in Nature conservation field. Such as Health Ministry of Sri Lanka and MAS holdings. So I ended up reaching  both goals of passing knowledge on Nature conservation and conscious consumerism! The second batch of Sri Lankans (another 20)got the same training from Penang and I accompanied them to Malaysia in September thanks to CAP Malaysia and Sevalanka Foundation Sri Lanka. So far we have done more than 50 awareness sessions on conscious consumerism towards environmental sustainability. We already passed these information to some school students too. 
Prefects of Royal College reading lables of food products

MAS holdings training session on consciouse consumerism

ECO-V involvement in Good Market with our innovative programme “Nature Kids” was very successful throughout the year 2014. Thanks to KSMA Award from Conservation leadership Programme we won, we conducted more than 40 programmes on every Thursdays and 5 holiday programmes. The other innovative programme for year 2014 was “Nature Friendly Birth day parties for Kids” We conducted 5 b’day parties on invitation. Its all about Nature conservation through conscious consumerism. One successful story about nature friendly B’day party was, one 10 year old girl who had her nature friendly B’day party was so inspired about it. When it was the time to make a presentation for Trinity college of speech and Drama Exam her presentation was all about her B’day party which was her real experience. The examiner who had come from London was so surprised to hear her (obviously she must had extraordinary presentation skills) got 100 out of 100marks and it was first time in history for her supervisor in Sri Lanka.
Tiara and her presentation about Nature Friendly B'day
during Nature kid programme

a kid holdng a milipede during a kids programme

Conducting few sessions for MAS Holdings - one of the main clothing factory in Sri Lanka was another achievement of ECO-V. We conducted 2 holiday programmes for kids of staff members and 2 day programmes on conscious consumerism with exhibitions were well received by staff members. Also I helped with initiating butterfly gardens at 5 factories they have.

Winning a small grant from US Embassy was helpful for us to establish and run a Nature center at Wariyapola which started in October 2014. It’s in the process still and too early to tell you whether its successful or not.
youth getting training about eco gradening

Establishing our Eco Garden at the ECO-V office was very satisfactory as it is a practical demonstration for home garden, Butterfly and Bee garden and Biodiversity garden. Since I spent lot of my personal time on it I am very happy as it is a learning experience for me. Now we have been using it as a living laboratory for teaching about connecting with Nature! We had 6 training programme since March. 15 university students, 8 village youths, 16 kids, 3 families  and 5 farmers have visited us at our Eco Garden to learning and get experience. In March we had recorded only 6 species of butterflies from the garden and by end of November our checklist was 59 species. We are in the progress of making wild plants and other insect checklists. This is a great example of understanding a little space given to Mother Nature will give back million dollars value of happiness and satisfaction in additions to fruits, vegetables, flowers  and herbs we are sharing in our neighborhood. With this experience I personally got involved in advising for establishing Butterfly Garden of Biodiversity park that the government that is establishing in our capital city, Sri Jayawardanepura-Kotte. It’s a voluntary involvement for myself where about 15 university students are preparing it.
products of Eco Garden

Our partnership  with united Nations Volunteers (UNV Sri Lanka) in their bike tour to celebrate the International volunteer day was very successful where 2 youth from Kelani Nadee yathra and Paapedi 2013 rode with them for 15 days. This was the programme we did instead of the International journey we were planning to be held at the beginning of 2015 with the help of Journeys for climate justice ( We are happy about the decision we made not to have it next year due to changing political situation in the country so we are waiting till everything gets cool down again.
ECO-V logo as a partner of UNV cycle tour

We have planned a youth camp for early next year and hope again we can do something innovative, fun and productive with more learning. If you are willing to support that Village Earth USA is supporting us to raise fund via Global Giving so you also can contribute something even very small where that will help us to achieve our target (

Oh…well they are announcing about our departure to Dhaka now…wow…after 3 hrs of our landing here in kolkata. Well I will post this when I get internet in Dhaka. It was a great experience after all sitting in a economy class at Mihin Lanka air plane without aches and pains but memorizing what we did in year 2014 while going through thousands of photographs in my computer! Thank you for those 3 hours! Hi again….now I am safely with my friend Fadia of Bgreen who is very busy with BGreen conference that our partner organization JCJ is also a sponsor. I am here as co-founder and vice chairman of JCJ to see how we can be widen our networks for future work. Thanks for CLP alumni programme who sponsored my travel to Bangladesh. All are helping us to make a difference in this Mother Earth. Thank you all for believing ECO-V and hope to see be with you in 2015 too. I wish you very best for year 2015!