Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An innovative way to offset your carbon foot print - Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ)

Journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ) is a new way for everybody to offset their carbon foot prints. My stay in Melbourne for a year was very productive as I have a strong bond/link with them even I came back to Sri Lanka. Last year I met many interesting people, who love and care about Mother Earth. 

Victorian governor, me, Mrs De Kretser, Jim Crosthwaite

The most interesting habit of mine; talking to animals and trees helped me to meet Jim and his dog Mimi. When I met them on the road, I never thought that will lead to a strong bond between Melbourne and Sri Lanka. Jim Crosthwaite and Mimi became good friends of mine later on. Jim, Thushara and me shared many common ideas towards environmental issues during many discussions we had over Sri Lankan and Australian meals. Slowly we planted the seed of JCJ ( and many people helped us to water the seed. JCJ was born in December 2010. I thank all the people who joined with us for founding JCJ as an incorporated organization in Melbourne. The official launch of Journeys for Climate Justice took place at Department of Sustainability and Environment in Melbourne on the 2nd of March with the Governor of Victoria David de Kretser as the chief guest.  

I met many like minded people during many presentations I have given at the Department of Sustainability and Environment, at different climate change action groups, at other environmental NGOs in Melbourne over last 10 months. I learnt many new concepts, sharing great ideas and on top of that I felt that we are not alone as ECO-V and there are many people who admire ECO-V mission. What we have achieved for past 10 yeas as a voluntary organization in Sri Lanka had many successful stories to share with these like minded people in Melbourne and today ECO-V is a partner organization with JCJ. The first Journey of JCJ will take place in Sri Lanka under ECO-V in coming August along Kaleni River and I will come back to you with more details in near future.