Sunday, January 15, 2017

Two more youth yathras for 2016

After the Yarl yathra I could not write any blogs as its simply I was flooded with two more yathras, one training of Trainers session and a 3-day public exhibition and two International trips. So by the time we finish all these activities it was end of December and making final reports and getting ready for coming year with submitting proposals made me very busy. Anyway now its 2017 and before I write anything else I thought writing few lines about two other youth yathras we held in 2016.
So both Yathra mentioned below are under the financial support of US Embassy and last two yathras for youth yathra 2016 programme in creating Green leaders for combating Climate change. 

Senkadagala yathra was our second youth yathra and it was held at Kandy. About 35 youth from in and around Kandy were trained under youth yathra programme we had and it was their final public campaign. It consisted with 1 short exhibition to educate public, door to door awareness campaign and a short training on organic farming.  
Senkadagala yathra team

Ruhunu Yathra was the 3rd and last youth yathra which was held based in Matara but it was practically taking place in Matara, Katharagama, and Tangalle. It was full of fun and with new experience for all yathrees who participated representing North, Central and South along with some previous yathrees from 2011 to 2015. All of us were lucky enough to get the help from Sri Lanka Navy, (Just like the help we got from Sri Lanka Army in North) and had a memorable yathra along the coast from Tangalle to Dondra. It was the longest ever sea travel for participants on Navy boats and witnessed the pollution taking place in the ocean by non-bio-degradable plastic and polythene. All youth cleaned most of the pollutants collected at harbors without any hesitation but it was not enough and all determined to take further action to stop such pollution taking place. 
Youth at Hambantota town on public awareness 

on the boat with Navy officers
whole team who participated at yathra

Early morning meditation

On last day of Ruhunu Yathra