Friday, July 19, 2013

“Talking through Nature” and "Nature Kids"with Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Earth 2013

Wow…working with kids is lot of fun. I have been experiencing this for last 8 weeks at Good Market and the school for deaf in Colombo. Our latest programmes – “Nature kids” and "talking through Nature" was progressing well for last 8 weeks getting attention from people/kids and parents and teachers. We were encouraged by many people and parents and it attracted many volunteers through face book too.

Also we have 2 volunteers who are contesting for Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Earth 2013. I was invited to be a judge and a supervisor for Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Earth. I got 2 pretty women (Ayomi and Monali) from the pageant and they were working with us at ECO-V in our new initiatives as their projects for Miss Earth beauty Pageant. It’s very interesting to mentor them and to work with them. 

Rewarding a kid for his enthusiasm- the reward was a feather picked up from ground

talking about Pelicans

Bird watching during Nature walk

Introducing Ayomi and Monali the two contestants for Miss Sri Lanka

Ayomi and Monali working with kids

Simultaneously we started another  programme with children who are very special children. “Talking through Nature” is the nature interactive programme for children at school for Deaf in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. We are hoping to establish an organic back yard garden and a Butterfly garden at their school with these special children who are blessed with artistic skills and are very much willing to work but not to talk verbally. It’s very interesting to learn sign language from them but these wonderful children are very good at lip reading too. So it makes our communication more effective until we learn their language.

after cleaning the garbage dump

school children working hand in hand to clear the area for butterflies

Learning about up-cycling, recycling and composting

Volunteers and children at school making the area for butterflies

The garbage dump we are planning to turn into a butterfly garden
Both programme have very good volunteers who joined with us via ECO-V face Book (