Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Year with New Plans…

Its 2012, I was thinking about ECO-V and its activities for last year. What a year!! It was a different start and Different end in 2011. We were living in Melbourne and making plans for JCJ and its first journey “Kelani Nadee Yathra” which was a great success at the end of the year. Even before end of year we were able to complete the journey. Now we have 21 Yathrees with us to do more work for Nature Conservation and address Climate Change issues in 2012. We have already planned another workshop on 14th and 15th of January 2012 for these youth activists to make them more strengthen in campaigning. 

Thanks to Conservation Leadership Programme, I was able to travel to New Zealand on December 4th to attend the 25th International Congress on Conservation biology (ICCB). It was a great opportunity to present some of our Pelican Conservation work at the congress. I also had very useful discussions on Climate Change and Biodiversity with participants at different sessions. 

Beauty of the hot springs in Rotarua

Temperature is over 100 centigrades in these pools
Boiling mud pools
Interestingly, I had the opportunity to visit Rotarua with my friend who lives in Auckland to see geothermal activities. It helped me to understand what I have learnt at Sweden Climate Change training programme. I was very impressed about all environmental protection actions that New Zealand government had taken (specially in Bio-Diversity an agriculture protection). I brought back lot of information which will be helpful for further actions of ECO-V.