Friday, January 25, 2008

Sinharaja 97'

I met Claire as one of the team members of Sinharaja 97' a project came to Sri Lanka after winning a BP Conservation award (now CLP awards) in 1997. Jules (Dr. Julia Jones), Cathy (Dr. Catherine Isherwood) and Chris Knight were the other members of this expedition team where I was the Sri Lanka counterpart. This was the turning point of my career and I went to establish ECO-V in 2001. Claire and her husband Geoff visited us in 1998. Claire is the Conservation officer (Planning) at RSPB in Northern Ireland. Jules and Cathy are also involved in the Conservation field. I gain experience while working with them on environmental conservation and research. They directed and supported me to get a training at the International Training Centre of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in UK where I was born as a conservationist. Thanks to all my friends and today I consider them as my own sisters and friends of ECO-V.

After 10 years (2007) we had a reunion in Wales at Jules home in Wales unfortunately Cathy could not join us.

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