Monday, February 18, 2008

Dr. Rudy and ECO-V

It was an exciting week for me. I met Dr. Rudy Rudran a well known scientist from Smithsonian Institute USA. I met him at a meeting at Sarvodaya ,where he and his group was looking for the possibilities of conducting a joint project on threatened Western Purple-faced leaf langur an endemic monkey of Sri Lanka with Sarvodaya. I was delighted to be a part of the project especially on the education programme on the invitation of Dr. Rudy as it too serves the vision and mission of ECO-V. He too wanted to develop awareness programme on Buddhist concepts.
With my experience for past 16 years in the conservation field I have experienced that Sri Lankan Buddhist culture helps in creating awareness easily. People pay respect to the nature and living organisms but they lack awareness and consciousness leading to environmental destruction in village level. Thus we at ECO-V decided to be a partner organisation in conservation of Western purple-faced langur in Sri Lanka.
ECO-V celebrated its 7th anniversary on the 7th of February. We organised a small gathering on the 10th of February to celebrate the successful 7th year of ECO-V. It was recollection of past few years and development and planning for the years ahead. We kept the celebrations to a very low key due to the prevailing situation in the country. Hope our tomorrow will be a better one and we will able to celebrate our 8th anniversary in a peaceful Sri Lanka.

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Anonymous said...

What great work you are doing! The Western purple-faced langur need people working together to help them in their current plight. I have been working in Asia on primates for many years, and in Sri Lanka for several of those. I am so glad to see that the Durrell programme too has helped you to fulfil your goals. Good luck!
Dr Anna Nekaris, Oxford