Thursday, March 27, 2008

“Friends of Pelicans” in action…again at Udawalawa

ECO-V and its Friends of Pelicans organized an environmental exhibition for the first time in Udawalwa area from 21st to 23rd March. This exhibition mainly focused on conservation of pelicans but with a broad message on environmental conservation to the Udawalwe community. It was held at the Udawalawa Buddhist centre (Temple) with the fullest support of Ven. Assaji thero. We had an unexpected crowd on all the days and the enthusiasm shown by the villagers was encouraging. There were around 800 visitors at the first day of the exhibition itself. 21st being full moon day we organized a sermon on environment conservation in the first day to the devotees who came to the temple. It was well received by the elderly crowd of the village. But I was very pleased with the ECO-V effort during past one year which paved the way for many village youth to join environmental conservation. Our mission of making an environmental conscious person leading to sustainable conservation efforts at village level was fulfilled through this project. Now we have a good team in Friends of Pelicans which will carry our message of conservation more deep into the village in the coming years.

Friends of Pelicans will be making their first appearance out of Udawalwa on coming Saturday when ECO-V starts exhibition on Purple Faced Leaf Langur with Dr. Rudy’s team in Kalutara Pulinathalaramaya.

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