Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another presentation on Western Purple faced langurs

We started our campaign gain by delivering lecture on Western Purple faced langurs on the 9th of June at Rathanasara Maha Vidyalaya, Waga. Waga is an adjacent village to Labugama forest where there are many WPFL live in the natural forest conditions. This area is also identified as an area where human monkey conflict is intense. Nearly 100 students participated in the lecture and showed a great enthusiasm towards our programme. We conducted an art competition following the lecture for the students who participated.

We also visited the Kahahena Buddhist temple on our way back to discuss about up coming exhibition on WPFL. We had to postpone it until August as I am not available during month of July. I will be attending SCB conference in Chattanooga, USA where I will meet some of my friends from Birdlife International, Fauna and Flora International and Conservation International. This would be another reunion of friends whom I met last year in London and Cambridge when I visited them to talk about Spot-billed Pelicans. I am so exited to meet some of other CLP award winners this year as we all can share our successful stories in the conservation field.

I am very much thankful to Rufford Small Grant programme in UK who is supporting my traveling to the conference. Indeed they are the people who helped and encouraged me 8 years back to establish ECO-V.

Idea Wild equipment programme in USA has supported ECO-V this year with the equipment request for project in Udawalawe for Pelicans by donating a laptop and a digital camera.

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