Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ECO-V helps children to go to school in 2009.

At the beginning of the year 2009 we got a request from Major. Danaranjana from Sri Lanka Army to help some school children to go to school. Major Danaranjana has been helping us since we started working in North Central Province in 2004. Therefore, I did not want to think twice about that humble request as we have previous experience in carrying out project like this with is coordination. Beginning of 2008 we helped 62 children to go to school. This year we had a very short period to work on this as I was getting ready to go to India. Therefore I only send an email to some of my friends and relatives mentioning about the requirement of making school packs. With the help of them and their contacts we were able to make 25 school packs which included a school bag, book, colour pencils, pastel, pens, pencils and a pencil case. A friend of Yasas donated all the school bags needed and we bought enough exercise books for 25 children. Major Danaranjana took the responsibility of transporting and distributing the packs to deserving children in Ampara area. Last year our donation went to Padaviya area but this time he has found more deserving children in Ampara area.

However, I still did not get the photographs of the event but Major Danaranjana phoned me several times and described how it went on. My team at Kalu Wandura conservation project personally took the responsibility of going to Pettah and buying all the items for school pack and Yasas’s friend has arranged to deliver all the bags to our office. ECO-V thanks Jayani, Ramani, Madhubahshini, Jeevan, and Yasas for their helpfulness and thoughtfulness for our sons and daughters of Sri Lanka with their generous contributions. Photos attached here are taken when my team was making the school packs at our office.

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