Friday, January 22, 2010

Training Programme for ECO-V members

We conducted another very successful training session for ECO-V members on 16th and 17th January at the Sarvodaya training centre in Bandaragama in the vicinity of beautiful Bolgoda River. After very successful KSMA training we were well equipped with tools, material and more importantly with confidence to conduct training. This training was conducted for ECO-V members to celebrate our 9th anniversary which falls on 7th of February. Harsha, Nanda and me conducted the training which included meditation, yoga and a guided field trip along Bolgoda River. Same fishermen who helped us last time came to take us along river safely on their fishing boats (eco friendly boats). It was amazing to see how they have improved themselves in sighting things and describing them to us. I was so thrilled and we planned to train them properly one day to encourage them in eco tourism. All the members wanted to start a project to protect this wonderful eco system, Bolgoda Lake and river after completing the guided tour. Everyone appreciated the training at the end of the day and requested more awareness campaigns in the future .