Thursday, September 13, 2012

Activities in August 2012

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It seems like we could not update our friends of  ECO-V for long time. Some people asked us why we were silent. Its not that we didn’t do any work but was engaged with more work and didn’t have time to update. So here again some news for you. 
There were several activities taken place in the month of August. One was for kids...
The month of August was the school holidays here. I was involved with a programme conducted by Vishwa Nikethan Peace Center at Sarvodaya, Moratuwa where I serve as a trustee.

It was a programme for kids aged between 5-11 years to give the experience of Nature and increase their sensitivity towards mother Earth. We talked about self discipline through meditation, learning and getting connected with natural services, importance of Natural resources and increasing consciousnesses etc. It’s not possible to do such change within one day but kids need more and more experience like this to learn right from beginning. It was very encouraging to work with them and answer to their questions and to see how they reflect nature. 

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