Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sumunduni Seneviratne the new ECO-V family member reports!!!!

05/11/2015 - The day I met with ECO-V team in Kandy

It’s all about change; even we want it, its bit of hard work, so obliviously heart says why you should take trouble? Ii is better to stay as it is and why you are taking a risk? Then I say to me… “Oh my heart stop being lazy It’s a huge world let me feel living”. I want to be part of Nature and to explore it more and find new knowledge. I’m going to say goodbye to this system, which is corrupting my inner peace.


Relationships, even we divide them strong or weak, temporary or everlasting, I think there are no such things. We meet people as it is decided, so every one play their own role in life and some time the way they live affect on us but after all we depart. So It’s my leaving from here – my first job since 2014 after my graduation and feeling very happy to know that I was playing a very important role with them.  


Preparation to leave home and getting ready to establish…. It is going to be busy 48 hours in travelling and settling down. Finding my own place on earth need much more sacrifice. Missing bellowed family again living alone is ok…even I’m going to try it at my best...

Started working with ECO-V family….This month at a new place with new duties. Started learning about Eurasian Otters.  I knew them but very little… Thanks to Hanna and Atul from Wild Otters India who gave us this training. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful insight to these little mystery creatures.
Otter team members off to field
During indoor training sessions for Otter Conservation

Second day was full of learning about Non Violent Communication (NVC) session by Shammi Nanda from India and Ramanusha from Sri Lanka. This made me easy on communication methods towards more effective communication when we do public programmes.   
Me, Gishani, Ramanusha, Tharindu and Shammi Nanda during NVC training

Me and Tharindu at a NVC conversation...Ramanusha watching us
So now my own programme at ECO-V is “Youth Yathra 2016 - Empowering Green Leaders for combating Climate Change”,  need more and more work, ok… hard work begins...But I look forward to that…

Ok then goodbye November 2015…Thank you November as it was a change making month in my life!

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