Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last child in the woods -Fun for kids through Nature at ECO-V (Thiresi Lama Hamuwa)

Thiresi Lama Hamuwa is the newly formed group for kids under age of 15 by ECO-V. This was a dream coming true for me as I have been planning to start an educational session for kids who were associated with ECO-V. I designed a separate environmental educational package for them with my new experience gained by working with children in Australia. After two months of my return, I am happy that I was able to start it. As a trial, I organized the New Year celebration for kids and also Vesak activities in April and May. Now we have a well formed group of kids in our neighborhood who are learning about Nature every week on Sundays while having fun.
After reading the book “Last child in the woods by Richard Louv”, I was determined to do something for our kids to prevent them going away from nature. I know my two kids were growing up with nature from childhood. But I noticed most of their friends did not have the same freedom and knowledge on their surroundings. Most of the parents today are scared about sending their kids to outdoor as they are scared about them getting hurt, getting allergies, or for losing time for homework (studies) and simply just because parents were not aware of the advantages of children being with nature closely. About two years ago my two boys were the only kids who were playing outside on the dusty road and among the bushes in our neighborhood. Since I started few activities for the kids others have also followed. Today with the confidence they have and after seeing the advantages of knowing about nature most of the parents around send their kids to learn about nature at ECO-V.
A big thank goes to Westgarth Mothers group in Melbourne (which Libby helped me to form and raised funds to help needy kids in Sri Lanka) who danated piles of second hand story books. I am using them to these kids now to teach them English. Last week they heard about the story..."The Rainbow fish".... and drew it and learnt about a garden bird too.


Manjith said...

Hi Kanchana,

Unbelievable your work and I am really appreciate your courage and perseverance. This is what we all need to do.

Unfortunately we are stuck in this no mans land. Let me know if you need any help for these kids. I mean any pencil, stationery etc,



Kanchana and Thushara said...

Thank you Manjith, I really appreciate your concern. We also need the support from people like you to continue this mission. So let's do our duties what ever the way we could. Your encouragement is giving us more energy to commit our selves - Kanchana