Friday, July 1, 2011

Westgarth Mothers in Melbourne helps a teenage mothers home in Sri Lanka

Mrs. Neetha Ariyaratne, head of Sarvodaya Suwasetha handing over items

I am very happy to say that our fund raising effort with Westgarth Mothers had a great positive impact. We were able to help 20 distitute teenage mothers at a residential facility in Sri Lanka. “Ma Sevana” (A home for pregnant teenage mothers) is a home run by Sarvodaya a well known charity in Sri Lanka. Both me and Thushara are volunteers to this charity Thushara had been looking after these young mothers as the doctor before we went to Melbourne in 2010. We always celebrated our sons  Birthdays with them by giving essential to these needy young girls and their new born babies.
Out of money we collected by organizing a  Sri Lankan meal at Libby’s place in last February ( we were able to donate Rs. 30,000 worth of essentials for these mothers and thier newly born babies. I thank again all the Westgarth Mothers and fathers who attended the fund raising lunch we organized and the real commitment of Libby and her family.  
As another mission with the money we collected, we started a scholarship for an Advanced level needy student who performed well at her school. She is having a great difficulty in continuing her studies as both parents do not have proper jobs. This girl was very clever at her studies and extra curricular activities. She is doing mathamatics subjects for her advanced level exam in year 2014. With a recommendation of a local municipal council member and ECO-V volunteer Sajith Peiris, me and Thushara visited her home and met her parents before the scholarship was given.  We both felt she is well deserved and agreed to support her for 6 moths with 15 dollars per month. If we were able to raise more funds in future we can continue scholarship and support many students like her as we got many requests so far.

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