Thursday, June 16, 2011

World Environmental day, Scouts and “kids and Nature” Programme

The world’s Environmental Day in 2011 for ECO-V was very special in a different way. Some founder and active members of ECO-V came to our office (Thanks to uncle Sugathadasa who brought a plant as a gift) for a meeting to discuss about our future plans. It was a very nice meeting and we all felt happy to meet on this very special day. In the afternoon I had some visitors. 
Thanks to scouts at Royal College who helped us to keep our surrounding clean
Three scouts from Royal College (42nd Colombo - my eldest son is also a Cub Scout in the same school) came for asking some work for their community service week. It was the same day that I conducted ECO-V kids and Nature programme. One neighbor has dumped some polythene into our surroundings and I was thinking of cleaning it through our kids and Nature programme. So these three scouts were happy to help us to clean our street. I gave them a brief introduction to World environment day and how they should feel about doing some good work to Mother Earth on that very special day but I reminded them that each day should be a world environment day in our lives to protect Mother Earth. After that ECO-V kids learnt about caterpillars and butterflies and saw some eggs laid in our garden. They were surprised to see how small the butterfly eggs are…
looking for butterfly eggs

what a long day I had on the 5th of June 2011…but it’s worth my time I spent on all these activities……Thanks for everybody who were with me.

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Very good Kanchana! I'm proud of you!

Keep it up!!