Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Earth Hour Sri Lanka 2012

The countdown for Earth Hour in Sri Lanka continues with great excitement. On 19th March morning (very early this morning, infact) we rubbed bleary eyes and held back yawns, as we headed out to see the launching of a hot air balloon promoting Earth Hour. Arriving before dawn, the oval was already a hive of activity. Many familiar faces from the press conference last week were here again – Hon. Udaya Gammanpila (the Western Province Environment Minister) and pop singer Bhathiya Jayakody were amongst the crowd. Organisers handed out Earth Hour t-shirts and it was an impressive scene to see so many wearing the shirts in support of the pending event.   
 A traditional Buddhist blessing preceded the launching of the balloon. This was a beautiful ceremony to experience and I was fortunate enough to receive a “blessing cord” from one of the monks.

Blessings of Maha Sanga

Jakie getting blessings

 With the ceremony complete, attention quickly turned to the balloon. As the Earth Hour banner was stuck in place, the balloon was inflated. Crowds gathered to take photos – the Minister, Bhathiya and others posed for photographers.

All was looking good until the Earth Hour banner became too heavy for the balloon to launch! This banner was removed and another strapped to the basket, as Bhathiya, and Abdul Uvais from Earth Hour Sri Lanka, joined the pilot for take-off.  

It was a beautiful sceptical indeed to watch the balloon glide across Colombo’s morning sky.
It seems Earth Hour is gaining increasing attention and support in Sri Lanka, and if this morning was any indication the event itself promises to be an exciting one. Stay tuned! Jakie Scally – Volunteer for journeys for Climate Justice (JCJ)
You all can visit our website www.eco-v.org and show your support towards Earth Hour 2012 
We all support Earth Hour Sri Lanka 2012
Bathiya says...are you sure I can come down again
taking off...

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