Friday, April 6, 2012

Earth Hour on 31st March 2012

Oil lamps with the shape of 60+
I was able to witness a very succssful exhibition of ECO-V which finished on the 31st March and all Kelani Nadee Yathrees and some other ECO-V members gathered at Saravodya, Moratuwa to celebrate Earth Hour 2012. Rest of the team of Earth Hour Sri Lanka joined with the president at Presidents' house in Kandy as we could not join with them due to exhibition we had in Colombo. At 8:30pm, the lights were turned off and oil burners lit. The coconut oil smelt quite delicious! The oil burners were laid out in the shape of 60+. The ‘60’ symbolises the one hour beyond the one hour.  that is observed during Earth Hour, and the ‘+’ symbolises the continuation of sustainable practices.

Earth Hour Sri Lanka team including Minister Gammanpila at 2nd press conference
During the hour, Kanchana took the opportunity to reflect on the lessons learnt during the exhibition, asking the yathrees to identify one action they were going to take to improve their eco-handprint. This was an excellent way to conclude the three day exhibition.

Dr.and Mrs Ariyaratne of Sarvodaya joined with ECO-V for Earth Hour
ECO-V members lighting oil lamps

Mrs. Ariyaratne and Kanchana lighting oil lamps
Team at a dicussion on Climate chnage during Earth Hour 2012

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