Friday, April 6, 2012

My Future My Country exhibition of ECO-V

What a busy week this one has been for ECO-V and many of the KNY yathrees?!

‘My Future, My Country’ exhibition was held from Thursday 29th – Saturday 31st March at the Public Library, Colombo. The exhibition, targeted at youth, included displays about climate change, sustainability and biodiversity. A key theme of the exhibition was introducing the concepts of ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘eco-handprint’. The various displays gave simple and handy tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your eco-handprint in order to live a more sustainable life. Tips were given on waste management, energy efficiency, transport and food.

Kanchana talks to exhibition attendees about the harmful environmental impacts of plastic

Sales counter was very popular too
Some visitors and our members
A significant part of the exhibition included a display on the Kelani Nadee Yatra. This included photos and poems from the journey, as well as art work and the screening of the KNY documentary. Many of the yathrees travelled to Colombo to participate in the exhibition. It was great to have the yathrees on hand to share their stories of the journey and help spread the message about climate change and sustainability (I think they also enjoyed catching up with each other too!).

Overall the exhibition was a success! Across the three days, many members of the public wandered through the exhibition and I’m sure the majority left with new ideas about how to make their life more eco-friendly. Hopefully the ‘butterfly effect’ will take place, and those that attended will share the messages about sustainability with their family and friends. ECO-V also recruited some new members and sold quite a bit of ‘eco-friendly’ merchandise – the coconut badges were a particular favourite! 
New member
Leading Singer and a politian Mr. Madhumadhawa visited Exhibition
The ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘eco-handprint’ displays

Newton, Dr. Safras and Selva at exhibition

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