Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello! I’m Dhilmi Suriyaarachchi, a medical student from Sri-Lanka. Currently I am on my semester vacation, thoroughly enjoying my time working with ECO-V.  

Jai, Preethi,Sameera, Kanchana, Kavindu and Dhilmi at ECO-V office

I was excited to be a part of ECO-V’s  first project for 2013, Paapedi : A bicycle journey for climate justice. I found this journey very close to my own love for nature and long overlooked passion for cycling. Kanchana Weerakoon, ECO-V’s ‘Mum’, had me awe-struck the first day I met her. Her energy and dedication for Nature was captivating!

I was introduced to ECO-V at a very crucial point in organizing Paapedi.  Quite often, we are exposed to selfishly driven ideas & corruption dominating everyday life. I was pleasantly surprised by ECO-V. Every project revolves around nothing but pure love for Mother Nature. Isn’t that amazing?? It has re-instilled my hope that honest work is not an entity of the past. 

The office is beautifully surrounded by a natural wetland. You can feel  the cool breeze flowing in, birds chirping, and the buzz of nature! It’s a lovely space. While working, Kanchana shares snippets of precious knowledge with us, which reminds me of one occasion when she taught us effective hand washing with slightly opened tap, we cannot shrug off the image of her listening closely to see if we are wasting water !!!

I went on to take up social media. Our objective was to inter-link the various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs e.t.c to bring together a virtual ECO-V network. Through this network we could build a platform to communicate with similar organisations, whilst connecting Nature lovers all over the world. 

realize everything I learn, knowledge & insight gained is definitely one of the most positive influential experiences in my life. I am lucky to be a part of it. I’m sure our collaborative effort, as team, comprising of volunteers and ECO-V members, will make powerful footsteps towards a greener, beautiful Sri-Lanka. Our dream is to popularize bicycle riding among young generation and country moving towards green transportation and sustainability to combat Climate change!
You can help us to achieve these objectives through “Paapedi”. We have crowd funding event on
"Paapedi" will be  a 10 day bicycle ride empowering green youth leaders

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