Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Legendary Cricketer Muthiah Muralitharan Endorses ECO-V’s Paapedi 2013

As the countdown for Paapedi 2013 begins, World Class Cricketer Muthiah Muralitharan’s endorsement has been a tremendous encouragement for all at ECO-V.We are much grateful  to
 Mr. Kushil Gunasekera  Founder, Foundation of Goodness, who has made this endorsement a reality and for the support he extends towards Paapedi.
With just 11 days to Paapedi, we are faced with new challenges everyday; to have the support of this legendary personality has given us the extra energy to achieve our goals. Mr. Muthiah has long been actively supporting environmental causes in Sri Lanka, and we admire his dedication towards Mother Earth. Hopefully this brilliant message will reach the youth & encourage them to join with us to combat Climate Change on an individual and global level.

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