Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kelani Nadee Yatra

Kelani River just before Kithulgala

At Kosgama

Lots of ground work has been done by now thanks to Sujeewa Thalangama who helped me earlier for Sri Pada Cleaning campaign and Pelican Awareness campaign at Beire Lake. Its very encouraging seeing young energy of Sajith Peris who joined with us to have first visit along the planned route and providing us with lot of information and introducing us to many important people. Big thank goes to Dulshan ECO-V’s IT specialist who has been working very hard to put our ideas into graphic to design to make the KNY logo and the blog site. 
view of Castlereagh reservoir
So the blog site is up as
I am also trying to reconnect with many people that I couldn’t keep in touch personally when I was away from the country for a year. So it is always very nice to meet them and get their involvement too. All are very exited about this new project. So far we had 3 visits up and down checking the route (145km long) parallel to the river on the road. Sujeeva went again on his own spending few days meeting many people and getting their views and support. Many are telling us the need of a project like this and its very encouraging to see their enthusiasm.We are amazed to see the amount of water it carries and thrilled about the beauty of the natural habitats along the river specially at the beginning of the river.
Thanks to many friends (those who knew about our previous work) we had in print and electronic media the news about calling applications before 25th June is done. Thanks to Sunday Observer as they have written a detailed article about the project. We are getting applications now from youth. Still meeting some potential sponsors which is the hard and time consuming part of the journey. It’s ok as that also help us to meet many interesting people and make new contacts.

Well exactly 2 more months to begin our journey along the river….

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