Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Climbing into the foothills of the gods!

The Kelani Nadee Yathra (Kelani River Journey) has begun!
Today we welcomed our 'Yathrees' (youth leaders) over lunch at the headquarters of Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka's leading social not-for-profit organisation. With the well wishes of Major General Raja Guru we departed on our Journey for Climate Justice, with a long trip through the jungle into the foothills of Sri Pada (Adam's Peak).
This trip saw us following the mighty Kelani river from its feet in Colombo, into the foothills of the mountains.
The Yathrees made no hesitation in jumping into the eco-friendly theme of the expedition, firing off questions about green living and sustainability, and thoroughly impressed us with their enthusiasm and positive approach. We weren't bored for a second on the trip, with the Yathrees breaking straight into song, dance and storytelling!
I am blown away at the sheer beauty of the Sri Lankan jungle, abound with spectacular colours, forms, life and great biodiversity. Considering we have only touched the surface of the wilderness sanctuary, there will undoubtedly been many more marvels to behold!

- Pat (Journeys for Climate Justice/ECO-V)

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