Wednesday, August 24, 2011

White water rafting down the mighty Kelani River..and taking Kithugala by storm with an eco-awareness campaign!

We had an unforgettable morning rafting down the hair-raising rapids of the Kelani River, the Yathrees first experience of such an adventure. Between the wild rapids we took the time to marvel at our stunning rainforest setting, as interpreted by our naturalist guides.
We then dried ourselves out and hiked up into the high-country to visit the world-famous Beni Lana caves, the dwelling place of some of the earliest homosapiens (up to 30,000 years ago!). This stunning archaeological site nestled in the side of a cliff face made us reflect on the scale of environmental destruction that humans have caused in such a minute period in the history of Earth.

We then traveled to Kithugala, where the Yathrees scoured the town, performing dramas in the streets about caring for Mother Nature, and engaging with locals about environmental issues such as polythene waste, climate change, water pollution and sustainability. The Yathrees have impressed us with their confidence and passion to raise awareness of these important issues, and promote simple solutions.
We stopped off for a quick visit to the stunning filming location of The Bridge On The River Kwai, before reaching our accommodation at the eco-friendly, tropical paradise of Wanadula Rest, where our host Lucas discussed with us how to transform any property and building into an eco-friendly, natural haven.
Sorry about the late post of this blog, torrential monsoon rains and our remote location has made it tricky to find internet service!

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