Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trekking downstream through wondrous jungle, under the peaks of the Seven Virgins!!

Another day…another unforgettable experience! We watched the sun rise with a jog to the nearby temple, before jumping into a Yoga session with our good friend and yoga-guru Nande. Nande then led us in an environmental meditation session, which got our brains in tune for the day ahead.
We then ventured onwards to the Canyon Hydro Power Station, where the resident engineers were kind enough to give us a tour. After testing the water quality we travelled further down the road, and begun our steep descent to the majestic Laksapana Falls.
We feasted on jack fruit curry for lunch in the spray of the falls (eaten off a banana leaf to minimise our waste), and a few brave souls even swam up to the base of the waterfall to witness its power firsthand!
After trekking back up the steep rocky path, the Yathrees launched into another eco-awareness campaign with local communities.
This was a great success and lead us many kilometres down the road, where we hitched a ride in the back of a passing small truck (imagine 25 of us clinging on for dear life in the tray!)…not a bad effort to minimise our carbon footprint! This brought us to our destination at Bokarabebilla Temple, nestled in the jungle below the Seven Virgins (a series of 7 beautiful peaks), where local monks kindly agreed to put us up for the night.
Our journey has achieved massive media interest, most notably being a  30-minute live interview about the journey on Derana, one of Sri Lanka’s leading TV stations, as well as being broadcast on national radio, where we were introduced as “Sri Lanka’s longest ever environmental education program”.

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