Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paapedi 2013 Thabuttegama to Galgamuwa

A Great Vision, brings about great journey, a journey involves great days amongst many. But all great days must begin with a bit of Nanda’s special unique brand of 5am stretching combined with rhythmic breathing exercises! It was actually 5.30am to be precise, but the majority all awoke at 5am anywayJ What better way to start the day as mentioned in the previous entry than to get those aching joints well oiled and moving like our beautiful bikes.  The perfect start and on your way to a healthy and well balanced lifestyle!!

The day began in earnest as we headed out to the streets of Thambuttegama to raise awareness of environmental sustainability to the public and various shop owners and to continue to raise the awareness of the use of various products people consume including simple changes in their attitude and lifestyle which would preserve Mother Nature and hopefully go a long way towards creating an eco-friendly society.
Following this the group of eager Yathrees headed to the fruit and veg markets where they performed their first Street Drama of the day. It’s amazing how extremely absorbing It is to watch the public’s reactions to the street drama. And so it should be, with such stunning performances. It is truly engrossing and I have been totally blown away by it all. Really I have! It is a very surreal experience as I don’t think I have ever been with a group of people who are so passionate and deeply care about what they believe in and are able to contribute on a different level which Paapadi 2013 allows them to do.
During street drama at Thabuttegama

Water quality testing at Maha Galkulama
After the multiple downpours of rain the previous day, which in effect ensured we remained cool and well hydrated compared to the usual days in the scorching heat in the land known as Sun Lanka, we were able to test quality of water of the various reservoirs scattered around in the areas we cycled through. This was an intriguing process in itself as we learnt first hand more about the multiple tools and equipment used during the method of testing the clarity and condition of the water.

From the many highlights of the days I have, I always find it very interesting to listen to Kanchana share her vast knowledge of the eco system to the group, of the birds, trees and nature itself.  One example there are ants living in the barks of certain trees which cannot be seen with the naked eye. We should not just see from a distance, but be close to nature. One way is with our eyes. There are many beautiful birds in Sri Lanka, and although we were at the side of a main road connecting two towns, we were fortunate to see a few of the 7 different species of Kingfishers this land has to offer. One of which is the largest in Sri Lanka called the Stork Billed Kingfisher. Which is extremely beautiful to see through the eyes of a binocular.

The day ended with a peaceful and relaxing dip in the lake, close to our stay for the night in Galgamuwa. Although we did not get to see wild elephants roaming freely as is the case in the late evening, I’m glad we didn’t  as I’m pretty sure we or I for that matter may not be here to finish writing this blog for the day!

Police Environmental protection Division who are riding with us 

Reflection time
Today has been a really enjoyable day. Every day is a huge success from the impact Paapadi is creating seems to be getting better and stronger as the Change Makers grow in confidence and experience led by the ever exuberant Kanchana.

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