Monday, March 18, 2013

Two towns down and still riding strong! – Yapahuwa and Wariyapola

               Yesterday’s morning at Galgamuwa started with environmental meditation  led by Kanchana Weerakoon. We were on a path next to a lily filled lake with a plethora of wild life noises in the background. We were able to take the time to use our senses and our minds to explore and experience how the natural and urban space interacted with each other, and develop our own personal understanding of this situation.

                We were soon on our bikes, escorted by officers of the Galgamuwa police station and 10 Army personal  riding towards Yapahuwa. It would be a 29km journey for the day. The emphasis on this day’s work was practicing our messaging to the public during our ride. Along the way, participants would educate and advocate the public about not using pesticide and to please stop burning plastics because of its harmful effects on the environment and to your health. This ride included another theatre performance at the local bus station.
                When we reached Yapahuwa, participants had an opportunity to experience the cultural history and heritage of the 4th ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka. For participants who decided to hike up the mountain (and most of us did), they were rewarded with sights of where ancient and present Buddhist monks practiced. Also at the top, not only did participants see monkeys, they were treated with a magnificent 360 degree view of the lush beautiful landscape.

                Today we rode 34km to Variyapola escorted by the Sri Lanka military and the officers of the Yapahuwa police department (They are also riding as part of Paapedi team). So far we’ve ridden about 110km on our bikes. If you, our readers, are currently not utilizing a bicycle, please consider these benefits:

1.       There are zero emissions from this form of transportation.
2.       You will save money on fuel.
3.       It can reduce stress.
4.       You can use it to carry books, flowers, and food if you are going to the market or library.
5.       The activity of bicycling can affect your health positively – giving you legs of steel!
6.       The Earth is happy when you use it (No air pollution etc.)
7.       And much much…. more!

It is amazing how practical a bicycle is for transportation and to run errands. Dust off that old bicycle or borrow one from your friend this week and give it a try!
During Street Drama in Galgamuwa bus stand

Talking about road kill (Green vine snake)
Some of Yathrees on top of Yapahuwa rock

Please continue to check this blog for more updates on the 2nd half of our journey - Jie Chen from USA

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