Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Eisenhower fellowship travel continues...

Its my 3rd week in USA. I hardly have time to sit and write blogs. The easiest way is write something on face book as its quick and no need to write details. So I tried to keep in touch with our 1100+ ECO-V face book members. But I need to update all our well wishes those who are not on the face book.

After a week in Philadelphia I flew to West Coast while other fellows went to East Coast. Past 3 weeks were very busy, packed with appointments, following the maps, getting into buses, Muni (bus service in San Francisco) or BART (underground) or if I was in a big hurry then taxis. Communicating via email and working with unfamiliar smart phone (we all got one phone which we have access to internet too) also took my time. On top of that I managed to keep my family happy. So I have to get up at 5.30 in the morning everyday no matter where you are to skype with my two boys and Thushara. That's very important than the fellowship :)

My time in San Francisco was really tight. Everyday I had to meet at least two people or visit places. I had a broad overview of US West Cost conservation strategies which are very green and systematic.
Visiting Spirit Rock Centre to take a training on Anxiety and Mindfulness, Meeting Joanna Macy who is an Eco Philosopher are two best opportunities that I got in my life.
View of Spirit Rock Meditation center in San Rafael, CA, USA

I learnt more about coastal ecosystem management, Climate change issues, park and recreational areas (Chrissy Filed was once an air field and today its a green area for all).
With Marc Holms from Bay Institute in front of Golden Gate Bridge

In front of Crissy Field Center with Director Christy Rocca

With Greg Scott who runs an organic farm at Solaria

Met wonderful people like Greg Scott from Emergence Farms and Gardens who really try to save Mother Earth with innovative thinking. So It was very short but productive exposure for me to meet all these wonderful people and visit amazing places.

Then I moved to Oakland to participate at 41st annual conference of North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). My expression was WOW!!!! It was full of Environmental educators mainly from USA and from 20 other countries too. Total participation was around 900. For the first time felt this world is full of very nice people who really do care about Mother Earth. There were many of us who are environmental educators who speak common topics like inter-connectivity, finding the missing links with Mother earth, children, youth etc.
NAAEE Conference

Meeting, inspiring people like Craig Kielburger and a 12 year old author Pawan Gowda, watching Disney world latest movie Chimpanzee, networking with Children for nature network, Rain forest Alliance, Project Learning Tree, and many other organisations are the highlights of the conference. Three days at conference was full of inspiring moments. Thanks to Eisenhower fellowship I met many like minded people who are passionate about EE.

Now I am in Portland and will write to you again when I get some free time. Than you for being with me. 


Holly Logan said...

So proud to call you an Eisenhower Fellow. Hope you are loving Portland! What a fantastic city.

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