Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From Snow to Desert (Colorado to Arizona)

I was fully dressed and ready for snow when I left the motel to go to Denver airport. It was snow white everywhere along the road which was full of fall (spring) colours yesterday. Hmm..that’s nature…always full of surprises!!!
Denver, Co when I left my hotel
After 2 hours of a flight I landed at the Tempe airport, Phoenix, Arizona. Oh..dear me it was 300 Celsius and I was baking inside me as all layers of clothing was too much for that weather. Anyway it was a very short ride from airport to hotel and I got back to summer clothing before I went to look for some lunch. Tempe and Phoenix is so beautiful and very different from other cities that I visited. Full of sunshine and all desert habitats and I was already in love with Phoenix. Since the air was so dry and very low in humidity I was walking comfortably along streets under very hot sun but I had my water bottle in my hand. City was very friendly and I was comfortable walking along streets and absorbing urban and desert environment until it was 8pm.
Phoenix, Arizona when I arrived from Denver after 2 hrs of flight
Next day morning I went the Phoenix zoo to meet Jeff Williamson who is the President of Arizona Zoological Society. He was waiting for me with two bags full of material and some books of Richard Louv who is one of my favorite authors. I was very much looking forward to meet Richard Louv but he is in Canada these days but his office directed me to meet Jeff to discuss my future plans with him. I was told that Richard Louv is aware of my meeting with Jeff and taking our discussion forward. Working in collaboration with Children and Nature Network is one of my goals and it was fulfilled today as Jeff was very supportive and encouraging for that. He took me around the zoo and also around Desert Botanical garden. 

Oh...I saw the Road Runner, for the first time in my life when Jeff was taking me around. Roadrunner is the fastest running speed ever clocked for flying birds, although it is not nearly as fast as the flightless Ostrich. ( 

Jeff was kind enough to make some arrangements for me to visit Audubon Society of Arizona. Wow! It was a waste land given to Audubon Society on lease and now they have turned it into a interactive environmental center. (
Open space class room at Audubon society -Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area

Cathy, Sarah me and Jeff at Rio Salado Habitat restoration center

They were very happy to share their educational material and promised to assist me when I am ready to have our own training center for grass root level youth. So networking is taking place!
The last meeting was with the director of Educational department of Heard Museum Jaclyn Roessel. (  It is all about Native American Art and Culture. Jacylyn herself is having roots for Navaho Tribe ( which is one of the prominent tribes of Native Americans. So it was very interesting to discuss her personal views as well as objectives of the museum.

Finally all other fellows are also in the town as we all are heading to Grand Canyon for mid retreat of the fellowship programme. So its already 5 weeks gone!!

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