Saturday, October 27, 2012

Next stop was Seattle Washington State

Portland was full of information about positive movement towards sustainability but I didn't have much time there to explore everything. It had a very good movement towards cycling as a way of transportation which was very attractive to me.

Dana Ecelberger who was with us in 2005/2006 in Sri Lanka participating our field trips and helping us for our projects was always a great admirer of ECO-V. Even she left Sri Lanka after her studies, she still is our family friend and ECO-V member. So she was working with my programme officer Leigh to make my time more productive in USA and wanted me to explore more in her home area - Seattle. Since Dana knew my interests it was very easy for both me and Leigh as Dana came up with more ideas for the places and people I should visit and meet during the fellowship travel. Rain gardens in urban environments (to control run off), organic farms, woodlands, Botanical gardens and resources for conservation education were on her list of things to do for me within 4 days with her. Even the weekend with her was relaxing but full of sharing ideas while traveling around Seattle. Even we ended up discovering a fox skin kept for sale at a second hand shop which was not a pleasant item for both of us but it was a learning experience.
Me and Dana 
A fox skin (about 60 years old) with four legs which is unusual
How they have used animal skins for fashion which is not accepted these days (luckily)

One day morning I was surprised to hear that Bald Eagle is a frequent visitor to her home garden so she can't leave her cat outside while she is not at home. I really wanted to see a Bald Eagle as I have read about it during my post graduate studies on birds. Next day Dana was taking me to her sisters place at Port Townsend and a big bird started flying at our eye level in front of the windscreen. WOW!!!! It was the Bald Eagle. A raptor at our eye level in the middle of a bridge and then flew so close, parallel to the car for about 2 minutes. I was so thrilled and surprised and looking at it with my mouth opened. Such a charisma in that bird!!! So that was one of my WOW moments during fellowship - watching the America's National Emblem LIVE! for the first time in my life. I wish I took a photo but I was too busy watching it and didn't want to take my eyes off from this black and white huge bird.

"Rain garden" as rain water management system
After 6 days in Seattle it was the  time to say good bye to Dana but having hopes is meeting again soon as she is very much looking forward to come back to Sri Lanka.Thank you Dana and Curtis for giving me accommodation and treating me so well. I felt I had a family in USA.See you both again soon!
My next destination was Denver Oregon.

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